6 best apps for staying hydrated to prevent kidney stones

Check out some of the best available apps for increasing your water intake


Ivo Dukic, Consultant Urological Surgeon

3/27/20243 min read

Kidney stones can be agonizingly painful, cause urinary tract infections as well as bleeding in your waterworks. Staying hydrated is one of the most effective ways to prevent them from forming or recurring. With that in mind, get a reusable bottle and embrace technology to ensure you are drinking at least 2.5 litres of fluids each day, with the aim of always having colourless urine, as well as passing around 2.5 litres a day in your urine.

This article reviews some of the best hydration apps on the Google Play and App stores. Due to the nature of apps and content creators changing apps over time we cannot specifically recommend a single app or guarantee their correct function, but please check out our selection and choose the hydration app that fits you the best.

Here are 6 top apps to help you stay hydrated:
1. Plant Nanny: Bloom with Every Sip (iOS / Google Play)

This adorable app gamifies hydration by letting you nurture a virtual animated plant that flourishes based on your water intake. Each glass you log brings your chosen plant closer to life, adding a fun incentive to reach your daily goal. Remember, a thriving plant symbolizes kidney stone prevention! The paid version of the app allows you to change the size of the drinks and set your own schedule.

2. WaterMinder: Simplicity Meets Hydration Insights (iOS / Google Play)

If you prefer a clean interface and data-driven approach, WaterMinder is your go-to. Set your personalized goal based on your weight and activity level, then log your intake with a tap. Timely reminders keep you on track, while detailed history and statistics help you identify patterns and improve your hydration habits. Remember, consistent water intake is key for kidney health, not just hitting a daily target. (Source: WaterMinder app)

3. Aqualert: Personalized Hydration for the Science-Minded (iOS / Google Play)

This app takes personalization to the next level, factoring in your weight, activity, and even weather conditions to determine your specific kidney-protective fluid needs. Receive personalized reminders based on your progress, and access educational content about hydration's vital role in preventing kidney stones. Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to managing your health. (Source: Aqualert app)

4. Hydro Coach: Your Supportive Hydration Companion (iOS / Google Play)

Think of Hydro Coach as your virtual hydration cheerleader. It offers personalized coaching, motivational quotes, and even integrates with fitness trackers for a holistic approach to well-being. Remember, staying motivated is crucial for long-term behavior change, and Hydro Coach provides just the push you need. (Source: Hydro Coach app).

5. BeWet (Google Play)

BeWet aims to quench your thirst for hydration with personalized reminders and tracking. It calculates your daily water goal, sends customizable nudges to drink, and lets you log your intake. Plus, it adjusts goals based on weather and activity, tracks weight and BMI, and offers fun notification sounds. (Source: BeWet app)

6. My Water: Flexible Tracking for Detailed Insights (iOS / Google Play)

This app caters to those who appreciate customization and data analysis. Track various beverages, mood, and urine color to gain insights into your hydration levels. While My Water doesn't specifically cater to kidney stones, its detailed features can help you identify personal imbalances that might contribute to stone formation. Remember, understanding your body's unique needs is key to prevention. (Source My Water app).

Choosing the Right App for Kidney Health

Ultimately, the key is to find an app that you enjoy using and integrates seamlessly into your routine. Remember, consistent hydration is your best defence against kidney stones, so choose your app wisely and drink your way to healthier kidneys!

Mr Ivo Dukic is a consultant urological surgeon specialising in kidney and ureteric stone surgery and offers personalised consultations. You can schedule an appointment with him through his Top Doctors profile for expert, bespoke advice or make an appointment through The Harbone Hospital, Edgebaston, The Priory Hospital, Edgbaston, Circle Health Group or at Stourside Hospital, Stourbridge, Ramsay Healthcare.